Crucifixion Resurrection Radio

As a very special Christmas gift to all the OUTERDISK-Beings out there, Dan and Jerry have decided to initiate the "Crucifixion Resurrection Radio"; an occasional, but eclectic mix of musicks from their own collections of vinyl.

These psychic radio transmissions will appear most irregularily on this website, but are, as always, totally connected and illumninated, whenever...

As already said, these two current broadcasts are both #One and #One, put together from within the OUTERDISK Offices, Year One;  and more to follow.

That is, Jerry is totally responsible for his choosen soul journey, and Dan is the master mind of the other One.

Dan's sojourn is named "Veiled In A Red Fog And The Buzz Of A Glimmering Visitation", and Jerry sends his vibrations through "East-West".

Most welcome to enter, and, yes;  A Very Merry Magickal Christmas to One and All(((!

See You in heaven:

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