Dan Fröberg - A Ribbon Of Darkness (LP) (Pre-orders taken now)

Dan Fröberg - A Ribbon Of Darkness (LP) (Pre-orders taken now)

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OUTERDISK, OD1222, 2018.
(LP) Limited edition of 300 copies

Release date: October 22, 2018.

A forthcoming lp-release of one of the soundworks by Dan Fröberg, currently being presented in a peripheral caravan of his, in the still ongoing exhibition in the Art museum of Virserum, Sweden, in where Dan Fröberg, Jan Mattson and Roger von Reybekiel presents recent visual- and audio-works of theirs.

Dan's composition A Ribbon Of Darkness reveals a swirling, sinister mass, in where the ghosts of unseen presences and distorted radio transmissions after midnight are being evoked; parts of it recorded in a rented house within the twilight zone, situated in the small village of Virserum, during dark and lone nights in February and March 2017. Strange things are still happening.

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