Blend Eclectic; John Fahey meets John Cage, Dorothy Carter meets Musica Elettronica Viva, and beyond.
Everything is up for the whirlwinds of time and space, everything is here and now, as always.
-It's all happening!
                            (Rodney Bingenheimer)
Blend Eclectic, a sub-underground-division of OUTERDISK and The String Series, is an attempt to capture the illuminated flame of magical music, and the celestial vibrations connected.
The secret meaning of things, all ingeniously captured in various tuition books, related LP-album-releases, cosmic collage posters, weird fanzines, and so much more.
The main aim for now is to fight the dark, evil covid-19 clouds, and for ever present the best of the psychedelic transmissions that still, luckily, continues to happen to this day.
There is still hope!
Blend Eclectic!
So, please tune in, One and All!
We are here for You!