Hereby, OUTERDISK has the great pleasure of initiating a sort of sub-level-organisation to our mother-ship, The String Series, during the last shivering nights of the year 2020.
The String Series will, on a regularly un-regular basis, release various records with the golden vibrating strings as the main aim. But, specially designed tabulatures, mysterious imprints, mind-boogling posters, and so much more, will also see the light of the day.
To confuse things even more, for the better,  in the middle of it all, will also Blend Eclectic appear in front of us all.
An imprint, who, speaking longterms, will offer specially designed talks and workshops, sitar and banjo practises and studies (with connected teaching videos), and also, whenever the moon is on straight line to the sun, offer weekend workshops in levitation, sound improvisation and spontaneous painting.
The first two releases in The String Series is at first Dan Fröberg's lp-album of solo-swarmandala-songs, "Songs from the house", in a strictly limited edition of 200 copies.
The second release is an lp-album by Jerry Johansson, "Mountain Flame", which is released in a limited edition of 125 copies.
Also, an extra edition of 50 hand-numbered copies will also include a book of tabulatures, covering interpretations of the compositions on the record, and also including original collages by Dan Fröberg.