Rosanna Gunnarson/Karin Johansson - I grunda vikar är bottnarna mjuka (CD) (Release: February 2, 2024)

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OUTERDISK, OD21112, 2024.

(CD) Limited edition of 300 copies

Release date: February 2, 2024

Rosanna Gunnarson: Composition, Graphic score, Field recordings Värmdö
Karin Johansson: Prepared grand piano

Recording grand piano: Linus Andersson, Elementstudion, Gothenburg
Mixing: Linus Andersson, Elementstudion, Gothenburg
Mastering: Hans Olsson, Svenska Grammofonstudion, Gothenburg
Art, cover and design: Dan Fröberg

OUTERDISK is very pleased to present Rosanna Gunnarson's and Karin Johansson's dizzying (sound) work, which was composed in 2021/22.
Their piece "I grunda vikar är bottnarna mjuka" is inspired by August Strindberg's classic short story about a fortepiano being dropped into deep waters off an archipelago island, Stora grusharpan.
The musical content is based partly on secret underwater recordings during a summer, autumn and winter, as well as audio recordings of a piano being lowered into the water (like Strindberg's model), to the great surprise of curious fish. The recorded material has then been mixed into an audio file and then, based on a partly graphic score, Karin Johansson has developed improvisations for prepared piano.
The result is a deep dive into an archipelago bay.
A collage of the sound environment in an increasingly threatened sea, in dialogue with resounding memories of a lost childhood by the Baltic Sea.
It is about setting anchor, learning to swim, and finding yourself at the intersection of three different worlds - the one above the surface, the one below the surface, and your own, inside.

Some background:
Rosanna Gunnarson is a composer and sound artist based in Stockholm. Educated at Gotlands tonsättarskola and Royal College of Music in Stockholm by Pär Lindgren and Marie Samuelsson, among others. Her music is often created with a combination of field recordings and notated music, preferably with a site-specific idea and inspiration. During her career, she has also collaborated across genres in projects with everything from dancers to artists.

Karin Johansson is a pianist and composer in a wide range of improvised music, free jazz and contemporary music. She works with alternative techniques and prepared piano. Active both in Sweden and internationally.
Karin is based in Gothenburg but was born and raised in Malmö. She is educated at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.
Karin Johansson can also be heard in ORD, Quagmire (with Nina de Heney, Henrik Wartel + Christer Bothén), and in many other collaborations.

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