Nina de Heney/Qarin Wikström - QOMOLANGMA (LP)

Nina de Heney/Qarin Wikström - QOMOLANGMA (LP)

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 OUTERDISK, OD221122, 2023.

(LP) Limited edition of 200 copies

Release date: June 2, 2023.

Qarin Wikström: voice/electronics
Nina de Heney : double bass/cymbal

OUTERDISK is extremely excited to present yet another new release, this time an enchanted shimmering album by and with Nina De Heney and Qarin Wikström; Qomolangma. 

Qomolangma, the Tibetan name for Mother Earth Goddess, an all-embracing and all-encompassing being around us all, and also the Tibetan name for the Mount Everest mountain range. 

Nina and Qarin's music evokes inner visions of high mountains, low floating clouds and a sense of weightlessness.

A perpetual dance through light, sound and darkness, through radiant joy and deepest pain. Our earth wears its palpable face of mountain ranges under the stars.

Acoustic electronics meet electronic acoustics, while "Alien Elvis" smiles appreciatively in his sky. 

From a here to a there, and back again and beyond; a cosmic mirror of eternal creation.

All music was born out of one day of improvisation on earth, in Studio Element, Gothenburg.

Nina and Qarin began their collaboration five years ago, and they immediately recognised that their interaction was both sensitive and direct. 

They both possess an uncompromising musicality, deeply personal expressions, and together they also have a responsive and sensitive interplay. 

All this, and more, is extremely present on Qomolangma.

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