OUTERDISK raises the consciousness, but lowers the prices!

In connection with the up-and-coming release of the brand new LP album by Peter Hansen and Peeter Uuskyla, titled July 1, 1979, OUTERDISK celebrates this wonderful occasion by selling it at the very special price of 14 EUR, for a timespan between 6/4-20/4 2020.
But, not only this; in connection with the current times of crisis, QUTERDISK offers all of their back catalogue for the same, exclusive price of 14 EUR per album.
Do not miss this occasion, so hope to hear from you All, Dear music lovers!
And NOW (ta-da-da..), OUTERDISK are very happy to announce the release of an album consisting of legendary sounds from the history of Swedish free form jazz.
A slice of black vinyl magic, recorded live in 1979, when Peter and Peeter acted as the warm-up duo before Pharoah Sanders entered the stage.

After 41 years hidden in a dark cellar somewhere in Göteborg, now the time has finally come to present the magic explosion of sounds and feelings, recorded live by the vibrant duo of Peter Hansen, piano, and Peeter Uuskyla, drums, in the small club of "Studentkåren" in Göteborg, July 1st, 1979.
It is Peeter's own recording we hear here, made on his beloved Uher tape-recorder, and stashed away in the shadowy hallways of the allways since then.
The dynamic duo had been asked to play a set before the headlight of the evening, Pharaoh Sanders entered the stage, and, so they did!
They really did, and the walls of the city shaked.
The tiny place was crammed with free jazz enthusiasts, of which the notoriously stage-frightened Peter Hansen noted with a slight shock, but 'nothing's gonna stop them now'.
Of course, Swedish free form jazz history was instantly created.
And now, Dear listener, if you weren't there the first time around, here's your chance to catch up on the history of legendary performances and duos; Peter Hansen and Peeter Uuskyla live, July 1st, 1979.
As a final note, we might also add that the secret plans to sneak Pharaoh Sanders' away for a wild jam in the night; a plan that, rumours has it, also involved the legendary Bengt "Frippe" Nordström, was abruptly, and on very good grounds, we believe, immediately put to an end by Pharao's wife.
So, Chapter Two of this illuminated jam, we will only be able to listen to in the inner radio transmissons of our expanded minds.
But, luckily enough, Chapter One is always and forever one h**l of a killer, so, everything is just as it should be.
Peter Hansen and Peeter Uuskyla still rules, OK!


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